Available Devices

Our PDK for the ESPROS Photonic CMOS™ process offers a variety of devices that fit the needs of advanced optoelectronics as well as the coresponding image signal processing.

For further details, refer to the PDK & Design rule manual available on request.

Device type Name Vop Purpose
Nmos MN 1.8V Digital high speed device
Pmos MP 1.8V Digital high speed device
Nmos MN5 5V Analog circuits
Nmos iso MN5i 5V Analog circuits, low noise, bootsrap
Pmos MP5 5V Analog circuits
Nmos DE MN12DE 12V (Drain) 5V (Gate) HV Switch, Charge Pump
Pmos DE MP12DE 12V (Drain) 5V (Gate) HV Switch, Charge Pump


Other Devices

Diodes: 1.8V, 5V, 12V;
Capacitors: N-mos high-lin, MIM-cap; MOM-cap
Resistors: High-res poly
E2PROM cell


Photodiode, low leakage guarded photodiode, CCD, Active pixel cells,
details on demand

  Poly Gate